“The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 5: Does Tristan finally face the consequences for the tin mine incident?”

The winter king season 5

The Winter King’ Season 1 Episode 5 Synopsis In the most recent episode of ‘The Winter King’ on MGM+, Arthur took a risk by allowing Gundleus to go with a vow to take his uncle to Caer Cadarn, their capital. Derfel and Owain joined forces to pursue Cadwys for unpaid taxes who had been dodging payment for some time. During their conversation, Cadwys took a surprising turn and disclosed the location of a valuable tin-mining site. When Owain and his friends arrived at the location, they were shocked to see the miners already there. Following a skirmish, Owain’s soldiers were victorious against the miners.

In the fifth episode, we see the results of Owain’s choices, which forces Arthur to make a brave and determined decision in his quest for kingdom-wide harmony. In order to create a unified front against the Saxons, Arthur also tries to develop a cordial partnership with Gorfydd

The Winter King (Season 1)

Episodes 5 recap

Owain’s return :

We followed Derfel (played by Stuart Campbell) and Owain (played by Daniel Ings) in their quest to find the unpaid tax owed by Cadwys in the previous episode. Due to Owain’s insatiable greed, their journey took them to a mining site after they had successfully obtained the gold. However, a sudden conflict broke out here, leaving Derfel feeling unfair upon their return to the kingdom. Owain asks Derfel to share the responsibility as he tries to explain the moral quandary they are in. Owain offers Derfel a gift of gold coins as a sign of appreciation in an effort to persuade him. Olumide Olorunefemi’s portrayal of Lunette, who has recently become closer to Owain, counsels Derfel to take the award as a sign of good faith.Owain eventually returns to Caer Cadarn, carrying a sizable quantity of wealth. Arthur notices Derfel standing next to his lifelong friend. Even though Arthur notices that the amount exceeds his expectations as Owain hands over the gold, he chooses not to bring it up in favor of focusing on Owain’s function in keeping the guests entertained before to the naming ceremony.Gorfydd is upset with the fact that his nephew Gundleus is still alive and being held hostage, and Arthur is well aware of this. Arthur is adamant that he has kept his promise to the king of Siluria.

Meanwhile, Morgan seeks out Merlin to inquire about his attendance at baby Mordred’s naming ceremony. However, Merlin declines the invitation, resolutely sticking to his decision. With Nimue’s absence, he tasks Morgan herself with performing druidic duties at the ceremony. Amid Nimue’s arduous journey, she encounters her mentor Merlin, who offers aid for her fever.On a different note, while conversing about Saxon history, Gorfydd accompanies Arthur on a fishing expedition at a nearby lake. Gorfydd reflects on Uther’s emphasis on the significance of their land to the Saxons and acknowledges his own earlier intemperance upon arriving in Avalon.

Saxon spy:The winter king season 5

During their discussion concerning Gundleus, Arthur suddenly spots a concealed figure lurking behind the bushes nearby. Swiftly, he hurls a spear, striking the hidden individual. The mysterious man is revealed to be a Saxon spy, carrying a detailed map of the southern regions, which piques Arthur’s interest. In response to Owain’s mention of King Aelle, the spy forewarns that Aelle intends to unleash widespread terror and devastation upon their land. In a desperate act, he attempts to end his own life.

Owain sheds light on how this Saxon leader, King Aelle, has been steadily amassing support and aspires to leave an indelible mark on the region.

Subsequently, Prince Tristan of Kernow (portrayed by Gabriel Tierney) arrives at the castle, accompanied by a young girl, seeking an audience with the King of Dumnonia. He addresses a peace treaty that had been negotiated between a faction from his kingdom and Dumnonia. Tristan accuses Dumnonia of treachery due to an assault on a mining site and presents the young girl as a witness. She testifies that her male relatives, including brothers and uncles, were slain, and her description of the assailant strikingly resembles Owain’s features. Notably, this is the same girl whom Derfel had spared following their altercation with the miners.

Tristan’s Accusations:The winter king

Tristan departs from the castle, issuing a stern warning that the truth must emerge within the next two days before his return to Caer Cadarn. Owain, determined to tarnish Tristan’s reputation in Arthur’s eyes, resorts to blatant falsehoods, asserting that he never set foot in the attacked mine. In the absence of Owain’s admission, suspicion shifts towards the Irish warriors bearing black shields.

Engaging in a conversation with Gorfydd about these pressing matters, Arthur comes to a realization. He understands that it’s highly improbable for the Irish to instigate a raid on a tin mine, given their nature. In line with Gorfydd’s principles of truth and justice, he expects Arthur to relentlessly pursue the facts of the matter. Additionally, Gorfydd anticipates Arthur’s acceptance of Gundleus’s presence at the king’s naming ceremony.

The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 5 Ending Explained:

The winter king

Morgan, acting in her capacity as a druid, conducts the naming ceremony for baby Mordred and administers the ritual. Much like Merlin had experienced earlier, Morgan too is plagued by visions of a future filled with bloodshed under Mordred’s reign. Although Arthur detects her unease, she refrains from openly divulging the unsettling visions that haunt her.

After cleansing her hands stained with symbolic blood, Morgan speaks of a future where Mordred will emerge as a formidable king, one who will strike fear into the hearts of the Saxons. In essence, she imparts the truth that others anticipate hearing, concealing the ominous forebodings that weigh upon her.

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Does Tristan get justice for what happened in the tin mine?

Arthur remains resolute in his pursuit of justice regarding the killings at the mining site. He becomes aware of Tristan’s impending arrival, which is expected to bring a confrontation with Owain. Seeking clarity and peace between the kingdoms, Arthur engages in a conversation with Derfel. Although Derfel refrains from expressing his thoughts directly, Arthur discerns a deeper understanding than words can convey.

As the day of Tristan’s return to Caer Cadarn approaches, Arthur takes matters into his own hands, opting for a decisive swordfight. Arthur boldly declares that he will represent Tristan in this duel against Owain, indicating his conviction regarding Owain’s guilt. He provokes his old friend to accept this challenge, leaving Owain feeling deeply betrayed.

Following a fierce battle amidst a torrential downpour, Arthur manages to overcome his friend and ultimately slay him. As he plunges his sword into Owain’s chest, a fleeting moment of remorse washes over him. Nevertheless, by upholding the principles he stands for, Arthur remains true to his ideals.

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